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Stainless Steel Cabinet
MDB Vending Controller
MDB Coin Mech w/Changer
MDB Bill Validator
Dual Puck Lock
Stainless Steel Cabinet Powder coat whiteStainless Steel Door - Powder coat white 
Front Poly Graphics Top & Bottom 
MDB Vending Controller 
MDB Coin Mech w/Changer 
MDB Bill Validator 
3’ X 4’ X ½” Poly Carbonate Backboard 
10” BB Sediment RO Prefilter 
10” BB Carbon Block RO Prefilter 
HF TFC RO Membrane 500 gpd 
¼ HP RO Motor 
40 GPH RO Pump 

Eliminating single use plastics one machine and one customer at a time.

Our Water Vending Machines

Water Vendors By Us offers bulk vending machines to meet our customers’ water vending needs. Whether you are looking for stainless steel or fiberglass machines, with or without an electronic coin mechanism, we offer many options for you and your business. Operating nationwide, we will deliver the vending machines to your businesses’ doorstep whether you are in Florida, Texas, or California or throughout the United States. Whether you want RO or Alkaline water refill vending is a great way to bring additional business to your company! If you are interested, then be sure to check out our product specification sheets below for more detailed information!

Turn Tap Water Into Cash!

Welcome to the world of purified, reverse osmosis, self-serve, spring water vending. Whether you are domestic or international, a home-based business or retail store, bulk water dispensing provides a profitable business opportunity.
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During one of Florida’s recent hurricanes, our water machine moved (literally walked) about 20 feet before falling over. She (we think of our machine as female) also had 75 gallons of storage water inside. We up righted it, noticed a few scratches and bumps but she worked and is still working like a champ. We are very pleased with the quality and durability of the Water Vendors by Us equipment. P.S. Our machine is now heavily strapped down in concrete; ready for anything.
- Sandy Barringer, Big Spring Water, Florida
We have about 50 vending machines in small grocery stores throughout Northeastern Ohio. Eight of our newer machines are from Water Vendors by Us. The help/service has been terrific and the machines have great curb appeal. The fiberglass cabinet is stronger and, at our request, they even insulated it for our colder northern climates.
- Tony Pappas Purely Water, Ohiome
When it came time to refurbishing water vending equipment around my bottling plant, I installed Water Vendors By Us’s dual stainless steel window tellers. These newer versions are superb. They not only have great reliability but fast filling features. A customer can put in a $5 bill and fill two five gallon bottles in less than 90 seconds. I do a lot of business in Reno and I can trust this equipment to perform as well as the people at Water Vendors by Us.
- Todd Baker Crystal Springs, Nevada
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